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HILL KID - Casey Turner – Reggae Artist Debuts Song In Space
"...Casey Turner is a phenomenally talented musician living in our beautiful city of San Diego. He is amazing with loop pedals, has opened for The Expendables....."

SAN DIEGO READER - Casey Turner puts Waves in Space
"...Before he started working at NASA, Casey Turner played in a punk band while studying mechanical engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology....."

UNION TRIBUNE - Astronaut to give S.D. musician space debut
"...Casey Turner has an out-of-this-world launch planned for his new single recording, “Waves on the Ocean.” He hopes to release his song in space....."

BALI POST - Uluroots, Reggae Band Bali Coolaborate with Casey Turner
"...A group reggae band from Bali, Uluroots, had the opportunity to collaborate with singer Casey Turner....."

BEACH AND BAY PRESS - Local musician to release song on International Space Station
"...It’s been said that some musician’s music is out of this world, but in singer-songwriter Casey Turner’s case, on Sept. 23, it will actually be true....."

Casey Turner jams FL Concerts WFIT Interview
"...If you missed our broadcast of our Live In Studio Session with Casey Turner, you can hear the podcast here: Casey will be the opening act for Matt & Kim....."

Rocket Science to Rock and Roll
"...Eventually, in a turning of the tide that Casey calls “inevitable,” he took his career and his sound in a completely new direction. Moving to California, Casey eventually chose not only to pursue music full-time, but to switch up his punk sound completely in favor of a more acoustic flare with his guitar and ukulele....."

Turner unafraid to take his show on the road
"...The world of music may have gotten technologically more advanced over the years, but at its core, nothing will ever replace the need to rehearse and tour. The latter is crucial to an artist’s success....."

Pens Eye View
"... his Sumo instructor was infatuated with Patrick Swayze and “Dirty Dancing”, so practice always included “She’s like the wind” on repeat....."

FABRICOH Music Review - No Stress Express
"... beachy indie pop is, has, and will always be pretty dumb. It’s funny though...."

"Positive, eclectic, and rooted in the surf rock scene, the album is a gliding sonic landscape that holds true to its moniker."

"..With well-crafted and lyrically developed tunes, No Stress Express is inarguably easy on the ears."

"In the Midst of a Chaotic Modern World, the Peaceful Nature of the Music of Casey Turner Is a Truly Welcomed Sound..."

SKOPE Magazine Review - No Stress Express
"...Armed with his Ukulele and refreshingly unpretentious outlook..."

"...This disc is a pure feelgood experience...and yet the music has heart and soul"

"...built on a steady beach vibe"

"...Turner is a fantastic musician playing really upbeat music, perfect for your summer holiday"

Casey Turner on forthcoming Hawaiian Tour and Mainland Invaders

CT signs on as music judge for Mtv2 series "Riding on Glas"
Casey has been picked up for the Mtv2 board riding television series "Riding on Glas", slated to air in 2012. Video/filming begins March of 2011 and the series will feature CT as a board rider and guest music judge for the show. The show spans the globe in search of the next best creative talent in art, music, and film as it stops off in the sickest snow/skate and surf town destinations on the map in attempts to find the next creative visionaries for the Santa Barbara based company GLAS. (learn more about GLAS Apparel & Films at www.glas.com).

The show, "Riding on Glas", is about the search for the latest and greatest creative people – in the categories of art/design, action sports films, and music – living in the board sports culture. Traveling to some of the hottest surf, skate and snowboard destinations around the country (and in the future, the globe), holding contests to find this hot new talent while also featuring dynamic, world-class board sports action. Eventually the winning contestants will be the chosen few to be the next visionaries of "Glas Apparel and Films."

The show will reach millions of target audiences in a way never done before on TV with RIDING ON GLAS. According to Glas CEO J.P. Moran, the show is projected to reach a minimum distribution of 50 Million US households (about half of all US households), with the potential of a much wider reach of 100 Million + in the US and globally. "We already have LOI’s from several broadcast networks, including MTV2, TUFF TV, and Red Bull Media Network Europe, and we’re talking with more interested networks continuously." -J.P. Moran (Glas CEO)

New Music Video released for the song "Wayan and Friends".
The New music video for the song "Wayan and Friends" is out on youtube. The music and vid take you on a 4 minute surf trip journey through Indonesia with Casey....sippin Bintizzys the whole way.

Music Video filmed in Bali with proceeds to SURFAID
The new music video for Wayan and Friends will help tsunami victims.


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